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Toilet Training
Train the kitten to use a little box that is kept in the same place for use. This can be made from an old plastic box with a layer of sawdust or sand placed inside. It should be emptied and cleaned everyday. The kitten can be placed on the sand and taught to gently scrape it with a front paw. If you help, he will get the idea. Praise him for each successful visit to the toilet.

Make the kitten exercise twice a day for 10 minutes, by playing with it - it will happily chase a small toy moving car, a ping pong ball or even a rolled up paper ball.

Socialising your Kitten
Let visitors handle it carefully, so that it is not scared of people or ready to scratch them when approached. Do not allow very small children to 'play' with the kitten as being a baby he or she might get injured.

Cats also need certain vaccinations during the year which your Vet will administer. Remember to keep a record of these and all medications given.


  • Brush your kitten with a soft brush gently once a day to keep the coat shining, clean and free from fleas.
  • Do not use any anti-flea spray or powder till the kitten is three months old.
  • Mild sponging with warm water can be done if necessary, otherwise generally kittens and cats do not require a bath, they self clean themselves.

With a little care and a lot of love, your kitten will grow and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.
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