Is your pet a Fussy Eater?

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This is one experience a dog owner can do without. If your dog is a fussy eater you must have shed buckets of tears, spent days worrying about your pet's appetite, felt guilty when you've had a stomach full and your dog then refused his meal. To tell you the truth, we create fussy eaters; our dogs are not born fussy.

And how do we do that? Pampering, pampering, and more pampering. Offer him one variety of tasty food today, another better one tomorrow and try to innovate for his meal on the third. Your intelligent pooch will immediately figure it out - here I can get what I want. So he'll make his own timetable - turn his nose at chicken one day, eat mutton with gusto the next and the third day act like he abhors it. This dog knows how to get his way and will soon have you eating out of his hand.

You will soon be throwing away bowls of food, which he looked disgustingly at and ... your money down the drain.
... better to stop shedding tears and just fix the problem!
The solution also lies with you.

First get the facts straight.

  • Your dog will not starve himself to death.
  • Sometimes, your dog might refuse to eat only because he is just not hungry.
  • Some dogs have predetermined set points of weight and will intake calories beyond that point.
  • Sometimes dogs turn their head at food just to get owner's attention or sense their owner's anxiety over whether or not they are going to eat the food.
  • As long as food is available twice a day, the dog will not starve.
  • Dogs digest food better if they are fed the same food everyday.
  • Eats only to survive... not for pleasure or to be sociable.
  • Finicky eaters are made worse by constantly changing their food.

Armed with these few facts and you can now break this habit of a "fussy eater."

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