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One of the most difficult things about having a dog is choosing the right kind of food - keeping the availability, costing and suitability in mind. Advice for the same comes from all corners - and every dog owner has an instinctive habit of ask every other dog owner what he or she feeds their pet. That follows with long discussions on the pros and cons and rights and wrongs of different brands of pet food.The end result - you are still left confused and the next day waiting to meet another dog owner and ask him the same questions.



Dry food has less moisture and more calories than wet food, so your dog requires less food in order to meet his or her nutritional needs.

Canned (wet) food contains more water so it has less calories than dry food. Because canned foods contain more water, it may be difficult for large breed dogs to meet their energy needs before feeling full.


Puppy food (2months to 1-2 years) is rich in nutrients, such as protein, and calories, which are necessary for growing puppies. These products contain appropriate levels of calcium and phosphorus to help support healthy bone and joint development.

Adult food (1-2 years up to 6 years) contains the appropriate levels of nutrients that adult dogs need. It is generally not appropriate for pregnant and lactating dogs.

Senior food (7 years & above) Senior dogs are not necessarily less active or overweight, but they do have different nutritional needs compared to adult dogs. Senior diets should contain increased protein levels to help maintain muscle mass and support a healthy immune system.

Weight management food is generally high in protein and fiber and lower in calories and fat content compared to an adult maintenance food. The high protein levels help dogs lose fat and not muscle, while high fiber levels help dogs feel satisfied while losing weight.

Performance food is specifically formulated for hardworking and highly active dogs.

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