If you are reading this I guess you must be as passionate about pets as me - a victim of their unconditional love. I grew up with six rumbustious dogs, who shared my bed, my life, my crushes and every living moment of my growing up years. They grew on me and I understood them like I could no human being.

From then on life always seemed incomplete without my little boisterous boys (read dogs). Then when well into my thirties, came Banjo, my furry never-to-grow-up yellow Labrador, my husband and I knew we wanted to show him the world and let him join us in our passion for travel.

Travel we did, but finding a pet-friendly resort in India, was a harrowing experience even with helpful Google at hand. Thats when we decided to develop an off-shoot of our travel agency Travel Square and launch a unique concept in holidaying in India PETVACATIONS.IN

At Petvacations.in you can surf our numerous pet-friendly resorts in India that allow you to bring your furry friend with you. Soon, we will be adding international pet-friendly resorts and hotels too!

pet resorts india
What can you expect to find at a pet friendly resort?
Many of the resorts are just like any other hotel except they allow dogs to be in the room with you. You will have to provide food and other necessities for your dog. However, at some of our pet friendly resorts we can arrange for home cooked food for your pet. Some of the preferred hotels might have someone on staff to walk your dog.
pet resorts goaSo, pack your pooch's bag because wherever you go he will go with you.

Straight from my heart

Pet Vacations, most dear to my heart, is a unique holidaying concept that is the effort of team work and support from so many people that I cannot afford to forget to thank them now that our portal is launched.

First I would like to thank My Husband, from the bottom of my heart. His belief that we have found our life forte in Pet Vacations and his undying love and support to me through the grueling process of creating this portal ...made all the effort worth it.

My Mom & Dad who are the rock steady force in our life their love can only be compared to that as unconditional as a dog (read God).

My dear doggy son Banjo, without whose travel madness, we could never have come up with this concept.

My team family

Frijo, whose active criticism spurred us on to do better.

Swati, who invested her heart and all her designing skills to make Pet Vacations the best.

The never say die multi-tasking Manisha, who put all the pieces to together and how well.

Vaishali with her gentle ways managed to keep us all united in our endevour.

Nitya, our lanky youngster with sudden spurts of energy always ready to give his best to this portal.

Rajesh, our dear chottu, ever enthusiastic and watchful when it came to the designing of the portal.

Warm thank you to all the hotels, resorts, bungalows and service apartments who believed in us and joined hands with us to make this portal a grand success.