Eye Care - Corneal Ulcers
A corneal ulcer is an abrasion to the top layer of skin lining the cornea. It is the third most common eye problem in dogs and has many causes. These include scratches and superficial abrasions, and foreign objects like grass seeds and weeds that can lodge behind the third eyelid and cause injury. Rough play between new pets in the home (puppies and kittens) can also accidentally injure the cornea. Occasionally, bathing and grooming can result in an ulcer-it is a good idea to apply an eye lubricant before bathing and grooming to protect the eyes from shampoo and hair. Genetic conditions such as eyelashes turning inward (trichiasis) and eyelids that roll in (entropion) also create corneal trauma. Certain breeds suffer more than others. Breeds with pushed-in noses have big round eyes and cannot blink very well. These breeds tend to get dried-out eyes which are prone to ulcers.

Common signs of an ulcer include squinting, watering, excess tears, and redness or swelling of the eyes. Initially ulcers are very painful because the eye contains more nerves than any other body part relative to its size.

The vet will use a dye to stain the eye; it causes the ulcerated corneal tissue to turn a greenish colour. With proper treatment, most ulcers heal in three to five days. Medication generally consists of a topical lubricant and a topical antibiotic to prevent a bacterial infection. The ulcer may be restained a few days later to ensure it is healed. When ulcers do not heal promptly referral to a veterinary eye specialist is necessary to prevent corneal perforation.


Homeopathic Remedies

To relieve pain and inflammation of the eyes, Aconitum napellus 30c monkshood) may be helpful. Give the dog two whole or three crushed pellets. Allow no food for one hour before or one hour after the treatment. Do not repeat the treatment for a full month, then reassess the dog's condition 

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