Eye Care - Cataracts
Cataracts are extremely prevalent in dogs. A normal lens, which sits behind the pupil, is transparent and focuses incoming light on to the retina which then sends the image to the brain where vision is perceived. When the cells and protein of the lens begin to deteriorate a cataract forms. The lens gets cloudy and light cannot be transmitted to the retina, so vision is impaired.

  • Inflammation of the eye due to trauma or infectious agents.
  • Diseases (i.e. diabetes).
  • "Geriatric" cataracts are part of ageing.
  • "Juvenile" cataracts are breed related, appearing at a young age (for example in cocker spaniels, all poodles, and Siberian husky).
Change in colour of  one or both eyes: milky white or blue-grey.
  • The sooner cataract surgery is done, the better the chance of restoring your dog's vision. The procedure, called phacoemulsification, involves a machine that emits high-frequency sound waves that destroy the lens. A suction device then removes the lens particles from the eye. An artificial lens, called an intraocular lens implant (IOL) replaces the old lens. The success rate is over 90 percent and vision is quickly restored. 

  • The vet will want to assess the eyes before deciding on surgery. This is done with an electroretinogram (ERG). Any hereditary eye problems, like progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), will also need to be ruled out.
Juvenile cataracts  happen at an early age  There are dissolving   j types (with cortisone drops the lens clears    ; and vision is restored) I and non-dissolving types (total irreversible lens damage). Juvenile cataracts are genetic in certain pure-breds. Responsible breeders have their dogs checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist.
 homeopathic remedies
Conium maculatum 6c (poison hemlock) taken once daily (one pellet) for a month can be especially helpful when a cataract is due to injury. Either Silicea 30c orPhosphorus 30c work better in advanced cases. Give a tablet twice daily over the course of three days and then restrict the dosage to a single tablet given twice a week.

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