New Baby In The House

A new baby in the house should be just as much a pleasure to the dog as to the adults. Remember, when the baby first comes home from the hospital, he will be no more to the dog than a smell that cries; he won't be moving around yet, won't be interfering yet.
So before the baby even arrives in the house, accustom the dog to the new family member by bringing home one of the baby's dirty diapers (this is a fairly accepted practice, so the nurse won't think you're crazy when you ask her to put one in a doggy bag) and leaving it around on the floor with the dog for a few days

Then all the dog has to do is worry about the crying, which he will come to ignore fast enough. His only other problem will be to adjust to all the attention given that little creature who smells and cries. Simply make sure that all the people who come to see the baby greet the dog first. He will be delighted and think this party is being given for him!

Above all, don't neglect your dog's obedience work at this crucial time. It's a good thing for the new father to be working on obedience training during those few lonely days while mother and child are still at the hospital. When the child arrives at home, continue this attention to the dog, so that he doesn't feel left out. And nothing more will be required.

by Patricia P. Widmer

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