Pet Relocation Worldwide
PET RELOCATION WORLDWIDE - Pet Import / Export into or from India

Welcome to Pet Vacations Pet Relocation Service (now called FURRY FLYERS) in Mumbai, India - a professional and personalized door-to-door service to help your best friend travel with you in the safest and the most comfortable way. Pets are family members and their relocation is always cause for concern and filled with apprehension.

Furry Flyers puts all your worries to rest.
  • Firstly because we love all animals like our own.
  • Secondly because of our vast experience of pet shipping worldwide.
  • Thirdly because we advise you only what's best for your pet, and offer you 
    value-for-money choices.
  • Fourthly, because we are sensitive to the needs of you as Pet Parents.
  • Fifthly, we offer tailor made plans for your pet's relocation.
  • Lastly, we take on the responsibility of guiding you in the easiest way possible for pet shipping internationally - including quarantine rules, microchipping, paperwork, logistics, precautions before and on flight, custom clearance, etc. 

We advice you to please contact as early as possible to run you through the process of either pet import or export from India, so that you are well prepared in advance.

We offer both services: 
1. Pet Relocation into India from abroad (Pet Import) 
2. Pet Relocation from India internationally (Pet Export)

Pet Relocation India (Pet Import / Export into or from India)

Pet Vacations Furry Flyers service is offered for anyone / pet parents who would like to bring their pet/s to India. Our services are at present only available at Mumbai, India. It is easily possible for the pets first disembarking in Mumbai to then be relocated to any other destination in India domestically by air.

Pet Import/Export relocation services we offer:

  • Free initial consultation of travel expectations & questions
  • Planning your entire pet relocation
  • Pick up of your pet in Mumbai, India to prepare for shipping.
  • Supplying correctly sized IATA compliant cage and mandatory accessories for water and feeding in the flight.
  • Advise on the best airlines and logistics to ship your pet according to the destination.
  • Liaising with shipping agent to cost.
  • Flight booking for your pet.
  • Continuous liaison with you, the pet parent on all matters for successful pet relocation, daily or several times daily prior to flight.
  • Liaison with airline.
  • Liaison with Indian customs
  • Working in close collaboration providing all information and working through all formalities for pet import / export with you, Indian customs and the airlines.
  • Accompanying you to airport and ensure that formalities are completed correctly.
  • All paperwork including Health Certificate & Export Permit.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) / Import permit for pet entry into India
  • Country-Specific Destination Services (varies according to destination):
    a. Import Permit
    b. Import Documentation & Authorization
    c. Veterinarian Inspection
    d. Airport & Customs Clearance
    e. Quarantine Reservation & Quarantine Fees
  • Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations.

Other services offered on request:

  • Micro chipping of  cats and dogs
  • IATA specified Airline crates and cages
  • Veterinary Certification from reputed vet doctor in Mumbai
  • Rabies and other vaccinnations
  • Pet-friendly taxi service
  • Pet boarding and lodging
  • Pet grooming service
  • Professional dog handler at the Airport
  • Dog Walker at the airport
  • Vet Doctor on call in case of emergencies at Airport
  • Booking pet's flight for domestic travel within India. This includes:
    a. Pick up of the pet from the International Airport to the domestic airport.
    b.Booking pet on a domestic flight
    c. Handling pet travel formalities and paperwork in domestic cargo.
What your Pet needs during the flight?
IATA Pet CrateFood BowlWater DispenserAbsorbent Mat

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