Pets & your Health
From combating depression to having a healthy heart, a pet can do more good to your health than you know. Here's how...
For Fighting Allergy
Predominantly, it is believed that children are bound to be susceptible to allergies if pets are around and that if the kid is sensitive to allergies, pets are better avoided. However, new studies state just opposite. They have proved that kids who grow up around pets are less prone to various types of allergies and even Asthama. Also, the kids were reported to genrate higher levels of chemicals that are rsponsible in fighting allergies.
For the Elderly
Pet therapy is extremely potent for curing elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's. Studies have shown that patients who have a pet around them report fewer anxiety out-bursts.
Lowers Blood Pressure

 It is proved that stroking a pet for 10 to 15 minutes can do wonders for high Blood Pressure patients and also helps relieve stress. In a study conducted, stock brockers who adopted a dog or cat reported lower BP readings in stressful situations. Sitting with a pet for few minutes after a tiresome day can benefit your health in the long run.

When trying to fulfil a pet's requirements like taking them for a walk, or caring for them, you end up exercising simultaneously. Pets provide the much needed motivation to exercise and stay fit.

For the Heart
Those with pets, are less likely to suffer from depression as compared to those who don't own a pet. Stress in a hectic lifestyle produce chemicals like Cortisol and Noretinephrine that hampers the body's immune system and have a direct impact in the palque build up around the Arteries. Enjoying an activity with a pet has calming effect on the body and thereby benefits the heart.

Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror
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