Worming - Puppy
It is an unfortunate fact that all puppies are born with a number of round-worms in the intestines, in spite of the fact that the dam has been wormed before and almost immediately after having been mated.

These pests increase in size with the growth of the pup, and it is essential to get rid of them.

No pup can thrive when he is worm infested, for half the nourishment you are giving him is being devoured by the worms, and it is a well-known fact that more puppies die from heavy worm infestations than from any other single cause.

Before taking delivery of your puppy always ask if this has been attended to, and how often.

If you have been given a puppy from an unwanted litter, or have bought a very cheap puppy, then it is about one hundred per cent certain that this essential job will not have been done.

It is easy to see when a puppy is worm ridden. After meals the stomach will become very distended, he will be permanently scratching, the coat will be harsh and staring, the eyes watery and running. In fact the pup will not, and cannot, prosper and thrive. Until recently, worming a puppy was quite a drastic, and could be even a dangerous business, and breeders were loath to worm a very young puppy because the drugs required to kill the worms were very toxic, and could have a deleterious and dangerous effect. It was also necessary to starve the puppy for at least 12 hours before dosing him.

This state of affairs is happily a thing of the past. Thanks to modern research, there are now non-toxic preparations which can be given with safety; no fasting is necessary; in fact the dose is usually given immediately following a meal.

he correct time to 'dose' or 'worm' a puppy is when he is between 5 and 6 weeks old. The dosage is always given per body-weight of the puppy. Find out his weight and follow the instructions to the letter as to the number of pills or capsules. After two dosings, with an interval of 2 weeks between the first and second, to allow the eggs of the pests which were not expelled by the first dosing to hatch out and be destroyed, your puppy will be free of these pests and should not require any further attention until he is between 5 and 6 months old, when I think these two dosings should be repeated.

You will notice immediately a very great improvement in your puppy's condition. Body, skin, and coat will become soft and supple; he will cease to scratch; the eyes will become clear and bright, and the pup will grow and put on weight. If the puppy is really small, you can weigh him on your household scales. If not, you will find suitable scales in the pet shop, the corn chandler's, or the parcels office at the railway station. Do not just guess the weight. For the dosage to be effective and safe the instructions must be followed meticulously.

The way in which to administer the pill or capsule is as follows: 
Place the puppy in a sitting position on a table. Do not alarm or frighten him, play with him, stroke and pet him. Open the mouth gently with your left hand, keep it open, take the pill between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, holding it until you can feel the puppy's throat, then gently but firmly push the pill down with either your forefinger or thumb. Quickly close the mouth, hold it closed, and stroke the throat with a downward movement, until you are quite certain that the puppy has swallowed the pill and that it is safely on its way. Immediately again stroke and pet him, and produce a tit-bit, for by so doing the puppy will learn never to be afraid when it is necessary to give him medicine, and will look forward to the reward.

If the dose is in liquid form, again seat the puppy on the table, put your forefinger inside the soft and loose skin at the corner of the mouth. Pull this forward so that it forms a 'cup' or 'funnel'. Hold the head back and pour the medicine gently and slowly in, so that the pup will not choke. Again quickly close the mouth and massage the outside of the throat with a downward movement. This is also the way in which to feed a dog or puppy which is ill and will not take any nourishment.

Again, if the medicine is in powder form, hold the pup's mouth open, sprinkle the powder on to the back of the tongue, again quickly close the mouth, and massage the throat until you are sure he has swallowed the dose.

by - Catherine Fisher
The Pan Book of DOGS

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